Adapter/Printer Help please

Started Jan 23, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Adapter/Printer Temperamental!

Last chapter I hope :

Last night the Photosmart Pro B8500 decided suddenly to work normally, i.e. it started being noisy:  the usual chugs and clugs  and the flat bit inside raised itself and I could print even though the adapter still stayed cold and silent whereas usually it is very hot and makes little sounds). I had done absolutely nothing to get it going again (was watching the news on TV!).

This morning the new adapter arrived so I replaced the old original one (which WAS old anyway) and so far everything is normal. This is all very inconclusive isn't it, like a lot of things in life! As long as the printer keeps working I won't complain (although it is a temperamental beast, always was...) BUT it "cleans itself", which is great, although this process must use up a lot of ink.  I once had an Epson 2000P - beautiful prints but I would never dare get an Epson again because of the clogging up nightmare that often happens with them.

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