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PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

So you want to be a pro, you love taking pictures, right? Got a passion for it do ya?
How do you feel about computers, data and such?

It's computer upgrade time. My main editing computer is a bit over 4 years old and LR keeps advancing. Add to the fact my kids' computer died and it's a 'perfect storm' of opportunity to upgrade my computer and give the old box to them.
Step one was finding and getting the new computer. Costco had a good deal on a ZT Systems unit. i7 quadcore, 16gb ram, 2Tb drive, can run dual monitors, card reader. I have monitors so that's good to go.
Fine print - they build them so it can take 2-3 weeks for it to arrive. Wait and do noting.
It arrives - so spend time here and there installing software and updates - LR, PS, fotofusion, firefox, FTP software, ProSelect, color calibration software and a number of other things.

Find all the necessary serial numbers, activate, update them, etc. All this took over a week doing bits here and there and getting my actual work done so that I can make the move from one computer to the other.
Backup ALL my data and STOP ALL WORK - don't want to edit pics on the 'wrong' computer and not have those files on the new one. Copying of 1.2Tb of data to a backup drive takes a while. I then had to copy that data onto the new computer. Actually, I copied to a drive and installed that drive in the new computer.
With one small hiccup...it has 6 SATA ports, 2 used (C drive and the DVD). Of the 4 open ports only 1 works...bad motherboard. But it took 2 days, reading the manual and getting into BIOS (which sees the drive) and Windows 8 (totally new to me) which doesn't see the drives, on the phone with tech support A, B and C and then warranty A and B....ZT has been great and quick to answer teh phone and call back - but still it's been 3 or 4 days of back and forth. A new MOBO is enroute...so middle of next week I get to swap it out and hopefully all goes well (done it before so no great shakes I hope).
OK, since I have a working computer today i plan to move the box into position. Wait..I need to get things shared on the network and copy over a few things from drive C to C - like lightroom catalogs.... Well, it's been 4 hours of drag, drop and wait...and I'm only copying over 1012/13 weddings, seniors, ports and misc - no sports leagues and nothing of previous years. Over a 1Gb network too.
After this I'll move the box and give dual monitors a go...see what I run into there, and calibrate them. An easy couple of hours I hope.
The point of all this is it's been nearly 5 weeks since I ordered a new computer - and I've spent 3 1/2 days this week doing nothing but data transfer and hardware troubleshooting, with a day to go, plus the time to swap and check the new MOBO next week.
This will easily be a full week of my time - that NOBODY pays for. I can't be editing, shooting, marketing or selling this entire week.
Of course i could probably have paid someone to do this work for me - but at what cost? I'd have to use this time to earn the money to pay them - and pay me too or i'd still have worked for free for a week.
This is one reason my 'office' computer hasn't been upgraded

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Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success. -Henry Ford

Ah yes the great digital myth about digital being cheaper than the film days.

The raw materials of film and processing got handed onto the client plus a markup.

You bought your Hassy knowing in 20-30 years time it would still be earning you money.

You enlarger was built like a tank (my ones still are). Inkjets are plastic poorly made and cost a fortune to feed.

Prints were easy to sell and not often copied.

Now the constant stream of upgrades are paid for out of a shrinking profit.

Yes you do have to buy a new computer, chances are it comes with an OS that means you probably have to upgrade all your software. Yes you do need to keep in touch with the latest cameras.

All at inflated prices and all in reality disposable junk. It's just a great rip off we have to endure.

Instead of creating profit for less outlay, the digital revolution has decreased profit and shifted material costs firmly over to the photographer. Add in the fact I bet everyone does a huge chunk of Photoshop on images that never gets charged for.

Anyone that thinks because at this moment they have the latest camera, computer and software that's the end of the game and price work like everything over the cost of fuel to do the job is profit. Is in for a hard slap of reality down the road.


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