what do you do when you have too many great lenses

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Re: what do you do when you have too many great lenses

DigitalPhilosopher wrote:

wasserball wrote:

I sell lens that I don't use. This keep me from being an insecured photographer who thinks one day old lens will be useful again.

I totally agree with that. Overlapping lenses are a drag to creativity. Come to think of it, even non-overlapping lenses can be a drag to creativity. In my early days as a photographer, I noticed that when I went for, say, a walk in the forest and made the mistake of taking 3-4 different lenses with me (e.g. Sigma 10-20, Micro 105mm, and a zoom), I ended up being so overwhelmed with options that I couldn't do anything. I was trying to get "20 photos" and I ended up missing the 1-2 that could've been truly great. Nowadays I know better: I pick one lens and forego all the photos I "could've taken". But I almost always come back home with 1-2 that make me feel they were worth the walk

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