LX7 Adapter Tube for Addon Lenses - Yeah!

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Both Panny and Konica Minolta wide adapters are STILL AVAILABLE for purchase

I've already written in considerable detail about the Panansonic DMW-LWA52 (originally designed for the LX5), as well as another option, viz, the Konica Minolta ACW 100.

OK, folks, please pay attention 'cause I'm only gonna say it one more time: Both wide converters have been discontinued by the respective manufacturers BUT THEY ARE BOTH STILL  AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE.

The Panny, when I checked just a minute ago, was still sold by Amazon for $175. The Konica Minolta ACW 100 sells for about $117 and is available brand new online from a number of US sources. Simply do a google search for"Konica Minolta ACW 100" and you'll find a variety of suppliers. Yes, it was discontinued a number of years ago, but there is apparently a good supply of "old new stock" in original boxes still being sold.

I've also seen used ACW 100s sold for less than $75 from time to time at KEH, but you definitely can buy them new.

I recommend the ACW almost without reservation. I have owned and used one extensivelyy since 2009 and have found it fully workable with the following cameras: Panasonic LX5, Panny LX7 with Kiwi BP211 lens adapter, and Fujifilm X10. Also with the Olympus XZ-1 with only marginal vignetting (upper and lower right corners in 4:3 aspect mode only). Also works superbly with the Panasonic 14-45mm f/3.5-5.6 kit zoom for MFT cameras.

You will need a 52-49mm step DOWN ring to mount the ACW (w/ 49mm male thread) on the Kiwi adapter (52mm female thread). As I stated earlier, the ACW has a slightly wider diameter and weighs a bit more than the Panasonic DMW-LWA52, and will yield an EFL of 19mm instead of the Panny's 18mm.

Lastly, I finally did an actual test and found that a Hoya 52mm UV filter DID NOT make physical contact with the front of the LX-7 zoom lens, though the clearance was razor thin. Ditto for a Hoya 52mm CP. Bear in mind that YMMV.

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