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Re: Why is the Aperture Fading into Irrelevance thread locked? Question for moderator.

blogan wrote:

Well since you are here posting, I would like to file a formal complaint against the moderator. He is in my view the most rude undiplomatic individual I have come across in this forum. And when It comes to civility, which as I understand is the moderators main reason for being here, to make sure the forum members maintain a certain level of civility with one another, this particular moderator breaks new ground as far as showing an uncivil nature.

If I need to take further action, please inform me as to how to go about this.

I thoroughly and completely support your complaint.

I had dealings with this incredibly rude individual yesterday, via personal messages, not in the forum.  It was incredibly rude, incredibly ignorant, and extremely dismissive of what I felt to be a worthy comment regarding comments it had made in the Aperture thread. Note: it, not he.  Using it seems somehow appropriate to this individual.

I have logged in just now, despite my promises to this creature that yesterday would be my last logged-in visit to DPR, specifically to lend support to this complaint.

I have no idea where DPR is going, but it's certainly not going to be in my direction. This moderation joke is ridiculous, using apparently ridiculous moderators, some of whom have not a civil word in their dictionaries.

Changes here at DPR drove my father to log permanently out, followed more recently by my sister. Now I'm gone too.  I will not be condescended to by some moderator creature who can't string together a decent sentence, and who cannot even be bothered to correctly identify itself, using a string of 6 lower case letters as its name. This latter point, incidentally, is the source of a previous complaint of mine to the admins, that I felt that moderators should be identifiable, with proper names.  As far as I know, there are at least four with just apparently random lower case letters as their names.  Not acceptable.  The admins, predictably, did not reply.  I doubt they ever bother, frankly.

After posting this I'm gone.  This place is descending into an evil pit of rudeness and condescension.


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