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You are now ranting about supposed opponents of sigma.

My post was not sneering, it was objecting to your ridiculous implication hat every photo taken with a bayer camera is instantly forgettable and every photo taken with a sigma is destined to be a memorable classic destined for the walls of the National Gallery.

Despite all the verbiage, image quality is not what makes a good photo, it merely allows you to print larger.  If a Bayer camera isn't so sharp at A0 as the latest Foveon, print it 6 x 4 inches. If the picture is any good no one will care.

Here's an example - a gallery of classy portraiture/glamour shot only by window light and with a humble m4/3 lumix G3 to prove the camera really doesn't matter when it comes to making memorable images http://www.flickr.com/photos/66984294@N02/8328461995/in/photostream

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