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KM Legacy wrote:

Sneer, sneer, sneer. What do you use, and why do you feel it necessary to bash Sigma endlessly? People like me who used to shoot med. format film would have loved to have a tiny camera like the DPxM which produces similar IQ. I didn't care that my med. format cameras could not match the latest 35mm SLRs in terms of film capacity, motor drives, battery life, etc. etc. I didn't go around obsessing about features to see whether my equipment was the latest "state of the art" thing on the market. I knew that med. format could beat any 35mm camera in terms of IQ, and 4x5 could beat med. format, although it was even slower to operate.

Cartier-Bresson made amazing shots of active subjects. Some people here would consider him horribly disadvantaged, because he didn't have any AF or motor drive at all. He didn't obsess bout the technical specs of his camera; he just practiced his skills and learned to exploit what he had.

I think you missed the target somewhat there

David is a quite good photographer, and a believer in that it is the operator and not the camera that makes the images. I dont think he is all hat interested in bling, bling either.

I also think you miss the target regarding artsy images. There are LOTS of images today that are amazing - artistic wise, quality wise, content wise. And nearly 100% of them are made with non Foveon cameras.

Where you might have a point is that a small and slow camera with extreme quality might make some photographer take extra ordinary images. It might be true. Or not. It is very hard to prove.

Some here take good images. Most not extra ordinary. Very, very few here take extra ordinary images actually. What does that say? Probably nothing - as there are too few samples for any statistical relevance.

Georges is one of the extra ordinary photographers. And ... if I dont remember incorrectly ... I think he has said that the special quality of Foveon is a part of his work. He uses both SD and DP cameras. He also always scale down the image before showing it - which makes it very hard to know whether the image has the Foveon sharpness.

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