P7700 gives poor dynamic range / brightness results?

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Re: P770 gives poor dynamic range / brightness results?

Sol Invictus wrote:

So I decided to get the P7700 as this camera seems to fulfill lots of my photography needs. One thing though that I can't understand is why this camera gives so darkened pictures. I mean, even though portraits come out great, landscapes are shot with low brightness levels and the colors are quite flat. It seems that those Nikon engineers had somewhat lowered the eV default settings. Even when I try to take a picture of a fully sunlit landscape, I lose lots of light overall. My attempt to raise the eV value doesn't help as higher eV values tend to "burn" the highlights.

Take a look at the photo in the thread started by fellow member Dwayne Oakes:


What you see is a picture with great detail but the overall brightness is quite low. I know that Dwayne had set the eV to -0.7 but this picture was just an example of how my photos look like even without altering the eV values.

Do you experience any similar issues and if so, do you find it normal? Also, could it be a fault in the firmware? My P770 has the 1.0 firmware but I don't think that there is a new firmware released.

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I'm somewhat reluctant to discuss your subject by reference to Dwayne Oakes' pictures. It would have been better if you had uploaded pictures of your own. I didn't commend Dwayne's pictures after he had he uploaded them as he hadn't asked for comments.  But well.. I hope Dwayne doesn't mind now!

I agree with you that the picture "Little Side Trail is a bit "flat", not much though. A picture he uploaded prior to it  (http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50695594) is much "worse" in my opinion.

Why is it so? Lets have a look at the corresponding histograms.

Little Side Trail

Ice Labyrinth

It is obvious that both pictures are underexposed, there are mainly dark- and midtones, while light tones are missing competely (the big gaps at the right side of the histograms). While this could have been avoided while shooting by checking the histogram (live or in playback) on the cam screen and adjusting the exposure  to achieve a tone distribution with both a true black and a true white for pleasing overall contrast, this can to some extend been repaired in PP .

I simply augmented the exposure, thus spreading the tone-distribution over nearly the complete x-axis of the histogram.

Side Trail, left before, right after PP

Side Trail after PP

Labyrinth, left before, right after PP

Labyrinth after PP

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