Full frame equivalence to APS-C

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Re: Full frame equivalence to APS-C

Do you think fully understanding it will make you take better pictures???

For any camera; The smaller the aperture the greater the DOF. Get used to your particular setup by pressing the shutter button and looking at the results.

Reference to full frame crop factor or equivalent focal length is relevant if one of your mates has a 4/3's Camera, another mate has a FF and you have APS-C camera.  When you are comparing the focal lengths of your lenses it makes it easy if you now the multiplication factor to FF.

IMO Understanding fully the technical details and formulas is not needed to take good pictures.

If on the other hand you are trying to decide what camera to buy, FF or Crop, then a little more technical knowledge may help but not as much as what sort of photography you want to do.

Some experienced photographers will say that for sport and wildlife you need a crop sensor. But if that is the case why do nearly all top Sports magazine photographers us FF Sensors.

I guess the point I am trying to make is.

IMO, FWIW, Don't over analyse your hobby, just get out there and and learn by taking photos.

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