What's good and bad about K30

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Re: What's good and bad about K30

Brad99 wrote:

simbon4o wrote:

Good- price performance.

Bad - build quality. My first copy was with inaccurate viewfinder. The focus in the viewfinder was not where it is actually so if you shoot relying on your eyes - huge backfocus. The second one has problems with the sealings, the lcd screen is not mounted properly and it sucks dust inside especially with WR lenses. The local service told me that it came from the SD card slot :D, that was enough to convince me never to buy pentax again! I'm still using the K30 but my next camera will be sony or nikon!

You do know the viewfinder focus is adjustable?

The weather sealing on even somewhat dearer Nikon and Sony cameras will be worse than Pentax, you have go to way up the price range to better the K-30.

I know that the diopter adjustment can do some correction but not a lot. In my case it couldn't do anything at all it was bad. The service told me that pentax will not guarantee that the camera will work with non pentax lenses and if the AF is working right - the camera is ok. If I use only dark kit lenses probably even I will not notice it, but I mostly shoot 1.8-1.4 lenses wide open and MF. The good thing is that the local dealer decided to change the body anyway - good for me.

About the sealings - K5 is the same story. The problem with sealings is from K7 till now. When I have started to seek info about the problem there was a video in youtube with K5II and 18-135 lens blowing air from the screen. Quality control is not good. If it is for weather sealing - the K10 and K20 was great cameras, even my ex K200D is better than today models!

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