GR Digital V has an APS-C sensor

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Re: Current GRD is old and boring — GRD must GRow.

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

GRD's current "compact size" isn't all that matters. Compact micro 4/3 cameras have swallowed its market and it is losing its remaining ground to serious, more versatile compacts like LX7, XZ2, now MX-1, etc.

If an APS-C GRD increases in overall size by 25%, the sales will increase by 250%!

Because it will be perceived differently. It must change its league, step in value over the 4/3 compacts.

Fuji has sold perhaps close to 150,000 APS-C X100 cameras, maybe more. Now, THAT is the figure and THAT is the market to conquer. Current specs'd GRD cannot touch that — it is outside of its reach. Because it's niche, under the radar.

It's not brave enough camera concept.
So it must be changed grom GRounds up.

New GRD must be a challenger — in all respects — and not merely a niche player.

GR can mean many things.

- insanely GReat
- GRoundbreaking
- concept that GRows
- attention GRabbing
- simply GRand

Or it can be
- GRit of the past
- Ricoh's GRief
- GRipless


I am afraid that I am not quite up with the monthly GRD sales figures, let alone the sales projections.

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