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nelsonal wrote:

Why does this bother so many people so much? Lots of people find a forum because of a search engine link to an old thread. If that thread has the most relevant information on a topic (like an old lens) it's silly not to allow that repository of information to continue to be updated. Perhaps a better rule would be to allow new posts to continue but not to bring threads to the top of the forum if the prior post was not within a given time frame.

If one searches for information on many cine/television lenses, looking for information about adapting them to their micro4/3 or Nikon CX camera, frequently the only information available today is buried in 6-10 year old forum postings. Modern searchers might really be interested to know if the lens discussed covers either sensor or where on the zoom range it vignettes. I'm happy to allow several year old discussions to have a silly last word (that does little lasting harm) if it allows other repositories to become more useful to other modern users.

Agreed -- I don't see the harm in allowing old threads to exist alongside current ones, especially in cases where someone finally comes along with an an answer to an overlooked question.  That DPR has not historically closed old threads is one of the things I've long LIKED about the place...

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