Shutter stuck at 6 Degrees??? I'm Freezing! :o)

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Re: -14°C nothing

KariP wrote:

Roy Sletcher wrote:


I am in Canada and often use my 7D in winter well below -25 Celsius plus wind chill.

Don't have any mechanical problems or shutter problems. Worst problem is battery life which is reduced at that temperature. Keep a spare in a warm place. Also condensation when moving from warm to cold or vice versa.

If you are wearing gloves, which reduce sensory perception, did you get a good press on the shutter?

Can't offer much more info except to state that the temperatures mentioned in the current posts are all within specs for the 7D

Roy Sletcher

Exactly !

Same experience in Finland (but i do not want to go out if it -25°C )

I have walked around with my 7D +24-104 when temperature was -15-16°c. Battery did not loose its capacity and only the focusing sound was slightly different - pictures were OK

Very likely the battery was NOT full and the voltage just dropped too soon - full battery will work , but the capacity drops sooner.


One battery in a warm pocket will prevent problems.

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Thanks for the photo and the note. Great shot. I'm cold just looking at it.

My power was fine as I had a grip with two fully charged units. I was shooting a water scene and got splashed a few times. I cannot duplicate this now and I don;t want to get the 7D wet to test this. I think a little water got in there expanded and that was it. I must learn to be more careful. The 7D is working fine now!

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