Question: should I try a37 for some old MD lenses?

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Re: Question: should I try a37 for some old MD lenses?

I was faced with a similar question recently. I was given 3 Minolta MD lenses, 50mm f1.7; 28mm f2.5; 135mm f2.8.

After doing some research I found out that not only does the glass in the adapter degrade image quality, but it also has a 1.4x crop and the accompanying aperture modifications.

So I purchased a no glass Minolta manual focus to Alpha mount adapter for my a77. (If interested I can show you which one I purchased as it is a nice adapter.)

Here is how each lens behaved on the a77.

135mm f2.8-closest focus distance was about 1 foot, and the farthest distance was about 6 feet. This puts an adult head close to filling the frame at the long end when doing portrait photography.

50mm f1.7-closest focus distance was about 6 inches and the farthest is about 1 foot.

28mm f2.5-closest focus distance was about 2 inches and that farthest is about 3 inches...and no, that is not a typo, it really is that short. It did however make the penny I was photographing look a little 3D.

I also can confirm that IBIS does not work with this setup.

Hope this helps a little more.

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