Choosing a ''No nonsense'' DSLR - why so hard? Advice needed (please)

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Re: Choosing a ''No nonsense'' DSLR - why so hard? Advice needed (please)

MoreorLess wrote:

Of those cameras I'm tempted to say the D7000, exellent imaeg quality, solid build and high level AF were as the 60D is IMHO underspeced for its price.

Pentax might be worth considering aswell, the remaining stock of the original K-5 is pretty cheap these days, not as good AF as the D7000 but opinion seems to be its better built and the image quality is slightly better.

The big thing to consider of course is the len/lenses your going to put on the camera, buying a body as good as the D7000 or K-5 and then only having enough left for a kit lens isnt really making the most of it.

I've owned a D7000 for over 2 years and it is a good camera which I could recommend.
But I agree, do look at the Pentax K5 and its successors as well. A lovely camera and it has excellent weather proofing and some good lenses - some of which have no real equivalents from Nikon or Canon.

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