LX7 with LVF2: Is it hard to handle Aspect control dial and Aperture on lens with LVF2?

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Re: LX7 with LVF2 for video app

Francis, I don't see why you are even bothering with an LX7 if video is your main concern, as its specs clearly indicate it is not intended for serious videographers.

However, it seems well suited for my purposes, which are mainly low light wide angle situations. My main use of video is for fast moving subjects - young grandchildren, shots from moving vehicles , etc. - where my reactions are likely to be too slow to catch the expression or moment that I want. But for such subjects I am usually satisfied by postcard sized frames taken from video clips as a sort of poor-man's 30 fps fast burst mode to catch just those moments.

As I stated in my previous post, I am unlikely to use the flash shoe for a flash gun, and if I do feel the need for additional flash, I would probably prefer an off-camera flash for my stills.

So far as video sound goes, I feel that I would prefer to isolate the sound from the subject I am videoing, rather than having it drowned out by sound from other directions, and I believe that the gap between the LX7 mics and the LVF2 has been appropriately shaped to suit my needs.

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