BH Photo return policy- only 200 shutter clicks max for returns

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Re: B&H Photo return policy - 200 shutter clicks max for returns

The issue isn't going away apparently. I've noticed two threads subsequent to this one involving the same exact question.  B&H may have enough clout here to have the threads killed but I think people will draw from that the same negative inference that I did.

You should make a clear statement.  Either B&H reshelves returned merchandise and sells it as new or it doesn't. Though I get why you might be shy. As I read the NY City regs they prohibit (obviously) selling used merchandise as new.  Given who runs the city I would bet there is almost no risk of enforcement. In the chance it happened to a merchant it would probably be the scoundrels on 5th Ave not B&H and I assume the lawyers would argue over the meaning of "used."

In any case, please stop the game whereby I ask you for a clear answer but you evade with the "you made up your mind already."  I've already explained previously the basis for my inference. That doesn't mean my mind is closed. Even it it were it's irrelevant, you would be informing everyone else as well. I'm not certain what B&H does -- I don't have enough information.

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