why do photos need color correction prior to printing ?

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Re: why do photos need color correction prior to printing ?

I am just an amateur and not a tech geek but I do print my own photos. To explain it simply as I can, I have a 4 year old IMAC and run it in tandem with a calibrated EIZO Flexscan monitor which is used only for photo editing and printing.

Even at lowest brightness levels the Imac is much too bright for printing. When I open up an image in Lightroom it will at first look great on the Imac and dark and flat on the EIZO. Once I make all the colour and brightness adjustments using the EIZO monitor to get the photo looking just right, the image on the IMAC conversely looks terrible, too bright, over exposed looking with washed out colours.

The Eizo image is not all that pleasing to the eye for general viewing due to the lower brightness and flat matt screen but more closely replicates reflectiveness and brightness of actual paper and I can be reasonably certain that the colours and brightness I see is what will print. When I print now the photos nearly always come out as I want them and rarely needing reprinting. I also use ICC profiles including custom profiles made for my printer for my commonly used papers. And also recalibrate the EIZO monitor every couple of months.

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