Have you got the B&H back-ordered Sigma 19mm + 30mm ?

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Re: Have you got the B&H back-ordered Sigma 19mm + 30mm ?

ryan2007 wrote:

Greynerd wrote:

ryan2007 wrote:

For $200 and its a 2.8 lens I am concerned its a bad lens, just saying you always get what you pay for.

Possibly much of the time but not always. Life and marketing is is not that simple. Are you saying if you pay the high initial price on the first release of a camera it is going to be better than a later cheaper release, usually the opposite is the case.

I have never seen a bad review of the Sigma 19mm and the consensus seems to be it is excellent for the price.

You can't equate the cost of a camera body to a lens. A lens always costs more than the camera body if its quality. If it has the construction, and coatings in how the glass is treated.

A camera body never changes in cost and if it does it is not significant. If it does change a lot you are most likely buying a Grey Market product that I will never buy for many reasons.

A camera body has a life expectancy of 1 - 3 years depending what it is. Lenses usually last longer. I doubt Panasonic is going to redesign the 12-35 2.8 or 35-100 2.8 so fast. The GX-1 is due for a change and I am sure the GH-3 in 2 - 3 years will be discontinued too.

Read this review Link at bottom and at least to me this is a bad review of the lens. The 19 mm is a cheap lens and I am not with respect saying don't buy the lens its you money. I look at it as if your ready to spend $200 on a cheap lens get the lens that you really want and think of it as a $200 discount since you are ready to part with that initial $200 to begin with.

Sure the link below leads you to believe the conclusion of the article its a good lens if you need the focal length.

This would have me concerned about plastic components and plastic filter threads. This is the only review picked. Its the small things that add up and maybe I just have a different idea of what a lens should do. It has never failed and again 99% of the time you get what you pay for comparing like lenses and the saying if its too good to be true it usually is.

To quote from the link

"Build Quality and Handling
The Sigma 19mm ƒ/2.8 EX DN is a fairly pedestrian lens, small and light with a matte black finish. The lens is made of primarily plastic components, weighing only 140 grams (4.9oz), with plastic 46mm filter threads and a metal lens mount. The lens has only one control on it, the manual focus ring. There is no depth-of-field scale, distance scale or infrared index."


And why didn't you quote the entire conclusion?

There are a surprising number of alternatives in this category - wide primes for mirrorless cameras - so Sigma's offering comes at an interesting time. It holds its own in our tests, providing a sharp image even wide open at ƒ/2.8, with only slightly notable chromatic aberration in the corners. It's not a case of Sigma finding a niche other manufacturers haven't exploited, however, Sigma does undercut all the current manufacturers with a lower price point. If you haven't got a wide angle prime for your micro four-thirds mirrorless camera, or your Sony NEX camera, then you may want to consider the Sigma 19mm ƒ/2.8 DN."

This seems to bely your point.

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