A comprehensive list of my beginner wonderings, enjoy!

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Re: A comprehensive list of my beginner wonderings, enjoy!

ChristianMoell wrote:

What i want to photo:

As far as two people standing next to eachother.

Because of your stated budget, we are obviously talking about DX. So for this application, just about any normal-zoom lens will do. 18-105VR, 16-85VR, 18-55VR, etc.

As close as an eye.

You will need a dedicated macro lens to do that. I wouldn't but this high on the priority list, as you can always crop into a picture, and macros are less versatile than other lenses. (They also make good portraiture lenses, but not as good as dedicated portrait lenses)

Photos with varying clarity (ie. model in foreground clear, background blured or Bokeh).
Pictures with to much exponation (things seem to white).

The answer to your first part is that you want to control depth of field and focal length. This can get expensive depending on how well you want to do it. However, for portraiture, the cheapest, as noted by others, is probably one of the 50mm f/1.8 lenses.

The second part of your question is that you are describing a "high key" picture, which is related to exposure and technique, not the equipment. You can achieve that look with a bit of reading and self education, and you can do it on pretty much any camera if you know how you want thte lighting to be set up.

3200 - 5200 - 7000.

My immediate favorite was the 5200 because it has the biggestmegapixel number! ( kidding ) but in all seriousness, the questions i have with these cameras (just as houses) are:

The 5200 has an EXPEED 3 - the 7000 an EXPEED 2 - how much will this effect the pictures i want to take.

I am looking to spend 8000 DKK (which is around 1000£ 1400$ irc)

For your budget, I would recommend the D7000. First, because it is near the end of its retail life and is being sold at a discount, but second, because you sound like a very discriminating guy who would be trying to improve your craft on a constant basis. So the added functionality of the higher model will suit you more. Don't worry about which EXPEED processor is in which camera... newer cameras need the faster processor because the image and bandwidth requirements are greater. However, except for the buffer, the D7000 never feels slow because the processor in that camera handles the data bandwidth well.

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