This is why I dont like Adobe ACR vs DPP

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Re: This is why I dont like Adobe ACR vs DPP

Richard wrote:

Can't see why not Doug, just a matter of placeing the card in a tree or whatever, walking back the required distance, take the shot , walk back, retrieve the card then walk on.

Try walking to a different area, out of the sun into an area shaded by a tree canopy. A bird is perched on a branch and not very receptive to a photog walking up to it and placing a color card. Shooting over water, the transitions from dawn to daylight to sundown, clouds moving in or clearing up, etc. are a few more examples. Carrying a color card and taking multiple shots on each outing is impractical. Instead, do it one time and set up a custom profile in ACR, it really is easy.

Naturally WB may need to be adjusted, but that's easy to do in post processing.

Doug J wrote:

Richard wrote:

I'd suggest for field work a shot of a colour card be taken every half hour to allow for light intensity shifts, white balance can then be calibrated also.

Not always practical in the field when wandering & shooting wildlife.

Doug J wrote:

I had problems with color fidelity in ACR a while ago, there were some threads in the Adobe forums related to this. The solution was to create a custom camera profile in ACR using a color swatch card, shot under 2 different lighting conditions (shade and sunlight).

My problem was with yellow & red, but I don't shoot people that often, and the issue I had was resolved with later releases of ACR.

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