Little help with Las Vegas photography please

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Re: Little help with Las Vegas photography please

fare wrote:

Suggestions. Last time I was in Vegas, I had not yet been bitten so deeply by the photography bug and did not have my dslr to carry along......though I did have a p&s.

Not knowing anything about Vegas outside of the Strip, I wanted to know from locals or "knowing travelers" what landmarks I might want to consider for shooting while I am there....particularly, off the Strip. Perhaps, anywhere within an hour's drive. Don't know anything about the surrounding terrain, so any assistance will be appreciated.

Obviously, one could stay busy shooting the lights, buildings, archetecture, fountains, art forms, etc. on the Strip the whole time (and I am open to suggestions that the infrequent visitor might miss) but I wanted to know if there was something in the surrounding desert that should be on the list for consideration.


If you want to stay urban, check out the mural art up on Commerce and Main, really interesting scenes. Johnny Tocco's old gym is still there (where Mike Tyson trained, among others), too. Further up near the outlet mall is an extraordinary piece of architecture by Frank Gehry, sitting right across from an equally interesting assembly of Pueblo-style structures. Take a look at for a quick intro to this area and its sites.
If you have (plenty of) time, consider taking the "Intergalactical Highway" up to Tonopah.
And Lake Mead has a specifically designated "Sunset" spot, that might be of interest, too.
Photographic collections at

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