Is there a setting to warn over exposure?

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Re: Is there a setting to warn over exposure?

GingerBread wrote:

Actually, there are situations where you might want to see the "blinkies" that show the blown highlights and the shadows that have no detail. Any scene in which the dynamic range may be exceeded by dark shadows and very bright light elsewhere would be a good candidate for using the "blinkies" in live view and then picking which area you want to actually have some detail by adjusting exposure. This option is available on the Olympus cameras, I've never seen it available in live view on anything else I've used. It can be handy, although I never used it too much.

I don't think the OP is concerned about the overall metering of the scene, which is what some of you are talking about in your posts. He seems concerned about knowing whether there is a shadow or highlight (or both) within the frame that has no detail. That is what the "blinkies" are intended to help with. In manual exposure, he could spot meter on the brightest part of the shot and likewise spot meter on the darkest part and get an idea as to whether there would be no detail, but it is easier to use the "blinkies."

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Ah, I see, not over exposure, but blown highlights. I think the combination of the live view and the  histogram provide sufficient information to make this determination, but that definitely sounds like an interesting feature. Actually, now that I think of it, one of the review modes does this. Presumably it wouldn't be difficult for Sony to add the same behavior to the live view if desired.

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