Sony A37 vs Canon SX50

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Scooturz wrote:

Hi first post on this forum!

Got a Sony A37 for Christmas and I have enjoyed using it so far. I am a novice to 'real' photography only having used point and shoots before. I like to take all the usual family photos but my favorite subjects are landscapes and wildlife. I live on the lake which is always changing and we have many birds and wildlife that visit us. So far my daughter has blown me out of the water in our home based photo competitions! She uses a canon powershot sx50 also new this Christmas. The zoom on that camera is incredible and I feel some buyers regret in getting the sony. I did lots of research before buying the sony but this was comparing with other SLR types sop didn't even look at the canon. Can anyone reassure me I made the right choice!

You need to buy a good inexpensive 70-300mm lens such as the Tamron 70-300mm lens. Shoot it at 300mm and that will be equivalent to 450mm in 35mm terms.  Make sure you stop it down to f/8 so that it will be reasonably sharp.  Then crop in to your image about 50%.  You will now have the equivalent of about a 900mm zoom and it will likely look as good if not better than the SX50.  The thing about images from a pin head sensor super zoom is that they only look really good up to about 33% to 50% size.  That's fine for making a nice looking an 8x10 or a even somewhat larger.  Your 50% crop using the above example will with the 70-300mm lens will also be fine for making an 8x10 or a little larger.  Plus, your DSLR will focus, and operate many times faster than the SX50.

I used to have a Canon super zoom and got rid of it because I rarely used it.  Honestly, you can crop pretty heavily into a DSLR image with a stopped down $200 to $300 70-300mm lens and come out with a pretty nice photo as long as you don't enlarge it to much, which is pretty much the same deal as a super zoom at maximum zoom.  In fact, I like what I get with the 50% crop from the DSLR better.  That's especially true if you have to raise the ISO even a little bit to get enough of a shutter speed to stop action in anything other than perfect light.

Here's about a 50% crop (probably more) that was shot with an inexpensive (paid $189 new) Sigma 70-300mm lens at 300mm.  I think I could print this pretty large if I wanted:

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