Nikon V2 vs Sony RX100

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Well put, and well, the CX sensors

well, those CX sensors are amazing considering their size, still they display their limits. Which to me is both the blessing and the curse for the format. the RX100 no doubt made one of the best all around pocketables around now. The Nikon 1 IMHO is better suited to be used with lens of more individual need, with adapters like the after market Leica M mount, and the FT-1 ( together with some nice Nikkor ). I am most intricated with the 14MP sensor inside the V2/J3. Personally I am after the J3 instead as I prefer to use a LCD Loupe ( so I am not pressing my face and nose against the cam and I am not into high speed sequential capture anyway ( nor do I need the extra Video features, and if I need them they would be better served via other means ).

I check around plenty of RAW captured using these CX sensor and the challenging part right now is their DR, and more restricted tonal range vs that of typical APS-C sensors of today. Its like going back to Slide film where you can effectively only had this much and you want to be very careful about your exposure. Latitude for error is slim compared to using a larger sensor mirrorless like the Olympus OM-D or Sony NEX. But that must go against the coverage, size and possibility of setup. In fact I am not finding the noise that much of a issue with these CX captures. These days they are kind of well managed though I would not be asking for ISO 6400 from them. Not even 3200. I consider them fully working ISO 1000 or below, and anything higher , better reserved for the time when one must be needing that and be prepared to do some work on the RAW for good.

For that, I am finding the J3/V2 best employed with either a Leica M lens adapter or the FT-1 and using them with some nice fix focals. I am also in the market trying to find a M4/3 lens to Nikon 1 body adapter. The FT-1 really shine when mated with some Nikkor or after market lens. One thing I am trying now is to use those Leica M mount or Nikon SLR lens via FT-1 on the J3/V2 for multi-row/multi-column stitching. Due to the CX crop the frame is almost free of any distortion and also homogeneous across the frame making stitching far easier. And being used on a tripod, they can be asked to work on low ISO so I can maximize the DR , tonal range etc .... If I were to ask to shoot something more dynamic and/or available light, I think I would stick with the DSLR though.

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