Windows 8 RT DOA?

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Re: Look in the mirror

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Yet, you wanted to know the source, calling my post about it FUD, when Microsoft's own product page has a long section devoted to missing features in Office for Windows RT.

In the original reply, I provided a respected, published, source that refuted your misinformation, directly, that Office RT is "very scaled down."

You produce (eventually) an MS product page that basically (for anyone who has used Office -- unlike you --- including several people who have responded to you here and  have pointed out) refutes your claim of Office being "very scaled down."   Yet you persist, without addressing what people are telling you and what respected sources are reporting.  A real reference would be a respected professional reviewer who agreed with you, and there are none.

IOW, I'd suggest looking n the mirror before throwing stones at others.

And then you accuse me of being a paid shill  or investor in Microsoft.  A good-faith argument would address these points honestly, instead of dodging and repeating, over and over, a view that only you hold.

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