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Re: Surface Pro battery life 4.5 hours

CAcreeks wrote:

What would be "short of" a Macbook Air, an Android tablet? Let's compare the Surface Pro to a similarly priced Mac.

  • Surface 10.6" screen, Macbook Air 13" screen
  • Surface text hard to read, Macbook Air legible
  • Surface plastic key film, Macbook Air nice keyboard
  • Surface only microSD, Macbook Air standard SD
  • Surface Pro battery 4.5 hours, Macbook Air 7 hours
  • Surface weight 907 grams, Macbook Air 1350 grams
  • Metro interface colorful but immature, vs Mac OS X

So the choice would be easy for me, if I wanted a device without DVD drive, which I don't.

Seems like an Ultrabook may be just as good as the Surface Pro, but I am not following this category closely. Somebody just posted about a new Atom-based Lenovo.

That does look interesting, though apparently only 32-bit Windows.

Text hard to read?

"Surface Pro has a gorgeous 10.6-inch ClearType Full HD Display that outputs a 1920 x 1080 resolution. I say it's gorgeous because this display is unprecedented on this type of device. Text reproduction and colors were spot on and viewing angles were great for tablet use."


"The Surface Pro connects to monitors and outputs at resolutions beyond 1080p, and you can add Bluetooth and USB 3 peripherals like mice, keyboards, and external hard drives."

Metro immature?  True, but are you comparing MacOS X to Metro, or Windows 8, which is one click away, and hardly immature in comparison?

Here's more info:

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