A99 video: Are some of us plain crazy?

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Re: A99 video: Are some of us plain crazy?

Draek wrote:

I would bet the shirt on my back that if we put a GH2 side by side there we would see a world of difference.

I'd bet the shirt off my back that the difference wouldn't be larger than that between the D800 and the A99 in stills---noticeable, but hardly "ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod I need to switch brands right now to stay competitive!" better.

I think all options are decent, nothing is horrible, but I have also read many a99 owners say the a77 video is sharper. Then we have people like alphoid say they have multiple cameras to compare, such as a77 and GH2.

If I am wrong, I would like to know as I would like an upgrade path from my a77, but I would also like a video upgrade for that $2800.

Have you tried sharpening and adding grain in post? cheaper than buying a whole new system, certainly.

This was an option of course, but even sticking with the same system, sony, I wouldn't call it cheaper. At this point I wouldn't consider jumping brands, I am with sony for stills for the long haul, but I have to say video goes to camcorders. My $750 panasonic is knife sharp and is far cheaper an option.  I was hoping people were just using the a99 wrong or something, but it seems my camcorder was a wise choice afterall. Here is a screenshot of my cat's feet. No sharpening or any post work, straight OOC.

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