Are performances in low lights really important ?

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Re: Consider autofocus peformance

dreamer61 wrote:

Hi ! My direct question is: if we take for instance the Canon line we find different full frame sensors type. Why ?

and then ... is the sensor of the 1dx better than that in the 5d or just different?

this is a very important point for me. I tend to think that is overall a better sensor but maybe i am wrong. Am i ?



My point was that the sensor is only one piece of the puzzle. There are other factors -- like the autofocus system -- which are also very important in determining what kind of results a camera will give in low light.

As for the sensor: the sensor in the 1D X is different from the sensor in the 5D mark III. Both the sensel array, and the electronics around the array, are different. These differences allow the 1D X to have better high-ISO image quality than the 5D mark III.

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