Windows 8 RT DOA?

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Look in the mirror

Brian Miller wrote:elf.

You don't realize you are coming across as an extreme Linux ideologue on a multi-month anti-MS campaign?

Perhaps you don't realize that you're coming across as a Microsoft Zealot, calling my posts about lack of features like macros and add-ins in Office for Windows RT as FUD, even though Microsoft's own product page specifically mentions those features are missing in Office for Windows RT (along with many others)

A quick read of the many articles about Office for Windows RT would make that kind of thing very obvious (a lot of features in Office for Windows Desktop versions were stripped out of Office for Windows RT).

Yet, you wanted to know the source, calling my post about it FUD, when Microsoft's own product page has a long section devoted to missing features in Office for Windows RT.

IOW, I'd suggest looking n the mirror before throwing stones at others.

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