New to the T4i, choosing a flash and new lens

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Re: New to the T4i, choosing a flash and new lens

tbone777 wrote:

The main attraction of the Yongnuo flash is the price. Not sure how much I will use the flash and was thinking that by getting a cheap flash(seen them for $75) would help save some money to get a new lens sooner.

I believe I saw a thread stating that non-Canon flashes would not work when in Live View mode (if that's a consideration).  Mebbe do a search.

As for lenses I plan on getting either the 40mm or 50mm prime(haven't decided which)

The big question IMHO is whether or not f2.8 is wide enough for your needs.  The 40 STM walks all over the 50 f1.8 in virtually every metric except that (IME owning both).

and want a telephoto with at least 300mm zoom.   I'd love a cannon telephoto lens but the pricing will prevent that. I just need to decide sigma or Tamron; hoping to get one or the other in the next few months

Are you looking for a zoom telephoto?  Are long primes out?  Can you wait and save up some more?  IMHO the Canon choices at the next level up are outstanding and are well worth the expenditure (70-300L, 100-400L, 300 f4L IS, 400 f5.6L).  I have the two primes from that list and have shot extensively with the 100-400.  All I can say is WOW.  Samples in my galleries (in my sig).


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