Windows 8 RT DOA?

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Re: Surface non-RT costs $900

Burying them with another long-form post, distracting from the issues,

Jim Cockfield wrote:

I'm not sure what your intention is here.

I'm simply pointing out that there is no appreciable benefit of using Microsoft RT because of Office, since the version of Office available for Windows RT is stripped of features that distinguish Office from competing products (Macros, Add-ins, VB scripts, etc.), as I pointed out earlier (and as Microsoft's own Product page about it confirms).

It's clear you are not responding to new information or information that conflicts with your agenda. Have you used Office in a business or student/home environment? No? Then perhaps you aren't the best person to inform us about its functionality (read the other responses to you from people who have). As for RT itself, here's another respected reviewer who disagrees with you:

"At present, there seems to be a stigma surrounding Windows RT and Microsoft’s Surface. That stigma centers around the misconception that the “dumbed down” operating system and the flagship hardware designed around it lacks the means for true productivity. After purchasing a Surface (with personal funds) and spending the entire weekend with it, I’m here to tell you that’s simply not true. Here are 4 things curious consumers need to know before writing off the Surface RT."

So, I don't understand why you'd continue to defend it, unless you have some motive to do so Personally, I don't own any Microsoft Stock or work for a company providing products for Windows. So, I have no reason to "plug it".

That's a pretty sleazy innuendo and a poor substitute for better argument. No, I'm not an employee of Microsoft or a shareholder.. Why don't you write the Forbes guy and ask the same question, since you "don't understand why (anyone would) continue to defend it?" Or maybe you could use Google and look around yourself.

You don't realize you are coming across as an extreme Linux ideologue on a multi-month anti-MS campaign?

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