Windows 8 RT DOA?

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Surface Pro battery life 4.5 hours

Brian Miller wrote:

The Surface Pro blows away anything short of a MacBook Air, which isn't even a tablet and doesn't have a touchscreen.

What would be "short of" a Macbook Air, an Android tablet? Let's compare the Surface Pro to a similarly priced Mac.

  • Surface 10.6" screen, Macbook Air 13" screen
  • Surface text hard to read, Macbook Air legible
  • Surface plastic key film, Macbook Air nice keyboard
  • Surface only microSD, Macbook Air standard SD
  • Surface Pro battery 4.5 hours, Macbook Air 7 hours
  • Surface weight 907 grams, Macbook Air 1350 grams
  • Metro interface colorful but immature, vs Mac OS X

So the choice would be easy for me, if I wanted a device without DVD drive, which I don't.

Seems like an Ultrabook may be just as good as the Surface Pro, but I am not following this category closely. Somebody just posted about a new Atom-based Lenovo.

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