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Very cool (literally). I recall seeing some great night shots (or was it early morning) you took of snow sculptures in a previous year. Hope you get the chance to catch the finished products at night again this year. Any idea how they compact the snow enough to make it stand up to carving without falling apart?

Compacting: The ski area makes the snow so it is all fresh and clean. The town hauls it down where it is blown into 10x10x12-foot pre-placed forms, layer by layer. In between each layer, volunteers jump in and foot pack it down. This makes for a nice, very compact medium for the sculptures to do their thing.

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Hey Alan, thanks for commenting. You remembered the night shots. I talked to one of the coordinators today and she said they will start the night lighting tomorrow evening.

Tonight is the only one that the teams are allowed to work all night, under spotlights of course. Starting tomorrow evening when the scuptures are finished they will have all of the colored led lights set up.

These randomly change color individually on each sculpture so there are several combinations. For 10 minutes after the top of the hour, and 10 minutes after the bottom of the hour the lights are "white."

I'll probably be running around there from 3am to 6am when there's no crowds trying to capture a lot of the variables. Hopefully it won't be snowing mugh, which is hinted in the forecast.


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Thanks for the information on how the snow blocks are made.  Sounds like a lot of work.  I don't envy you running around shooting in the cold between 3 and 6am, but if it's any consolation, the results are terrific.  Stay warm and I look forward to seeing whatever you have time to capture.

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