Simple OMD versus GH3.

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Re: Simple OMD versus GH3. / Sensor temperature.

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I wonder if some pros shooting with DSLRs might be more tempted to move to MFT due to the GH3's DSLR-like appearance? Might be less self-conscious about being taken seriously?

That's a really good point and on top of that Panasonic realised that to make a full-featured true hybrid stills and video camera with all the expected pro features, that would not overheat when shooting long takes and that would be comfortable to shoot with all day, it would need to be a bit larger. I think they made the right decision and in doing so have produced a model that complements the OMD rather than competing with it. It is a logical progression from the GH2 and does not mean that the other ranges (GF, GX and G) will inevitably adopt a larger format factor in future.

I agree, and you mentioned an important factor, "that will not overheat when shooting long takes".

I read once the programmer of the Panasonic Hack, saying that one of the reasons the hack is possible was because the Panasonic sensors do not warm up so much like the others. The reasons for this I don't know.

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Also the entire body is used to displace heat. That said my GH3 has never once got warm while shooting. Here's a photo I shot of the chasis last week -

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