Lack of built-in flash on OM-D annoying or frustrating?

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Re: If the grip was built in

Art_P wrote:

I wouldn't want the camera... If I wanted a built in grip, I would have just bought a replacement 520 instead of moving to m43.

Just something to think about- how well would your sense of balance work if the organ was in your elbow instead of your ear? You're saying the accelerometers would work as well in the grip as centered over the lens...

Anyway, it's kind of useless arguing over what they could have done- this is the way they chose to do it and no one is forcing you to like it or buy it...

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I think that a grip doesn't have to be something that rescales the camera, maybe it can just be better.

I'm used to the E-PL2 and I find its grip really awesome. Right from day one. I also didn't notice anyone complaining about it. If anything, I remember quite a few posters here praising it. However, this camera is of course less popular than the EM-5 so it's hard to compare by counting posts.

It's only marginally bigger than the EM-5's grip:



I don't think it would add too much bulk or change the nice look of the camera. It would just be a little thicker and more rounded, what to me and possibly also to others, help with the holding.

I guess it's fair to say that there could be a better and slightly bigger grip by default in the EM-5 without ruining its design. It's fair to discuss but it won't help to complain though, Olympus doesn't seem to take the reports here seriously.

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