Windows 8 RT DOA?

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Re: Surface non-RT costs $900

Brian Miller wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Brian Miller wrote:

I only dropped into this one because someone needed to correct Jim's FUD about Office.

I didn't notice your post asking me for a source earlier. Can you use Google?

Yeah, that's where I found the article that refuted your FUD. Did you read it? If you think that Office Home/Student/RT is "very scaled down" you've never used Office and don't know how it's commonly used, as pointed out by Archer66. Of course they deleted some minor features used by very few people in the Home/Student market. Haven't you noticed, RT is aimed at the IPad segment which doesn't have anything near the "very scaled down" version of one of (if not the) most commonly used productivity program in existence.

I'm not sure what your intention is here.

I'm simply pointing out that there is no appreciable benefit of using Microsoft RT because of Office, since the version of Office available for Windows RT is stripped of features that distinguish Office from competing products (Macros, Add-ins, VB scripts, etc.), as I pointed out earlier (and as Microsoft's own Product page about it confirms).

So, I don't understand why you'd continue to defend it, unless you have some motive to do so Personally, I don't own any Microsoft Stock or work for a company providing products for Windows. So, I have no reason to "plug ti".

IOW,, I see zero benefit of using Microsoft RT versus competing tablet Operating Systems that run on ARM based platforms (IOS, Android, etc.).

You've been on an anti-Microsoft campaign for months; what's the point? You really think you're going to get people to switch to Linux?

Yes, I use Linux most of the time.

But, whether or not users switch to Linux or not does not impact my finances. In contrast, some of the posters I've seen in the forums here have a financial interest in the success of Windows, which I consider to be spam (for example, I've seen Microsoft Manager level employees "plugging" Windows in the past, even though they did not make any attempt to identify themselves as Microsoft employees)

To be frank, that ticks me off, as I consider it to be forum spam (using the forums for commercial purposes to promote the company they work for).

Likewise, employees of software companies that promote Windows without identifying themselves as such really ticks me off, because their posts are obviously "slanted" to promote products that they make money from. Again, I consider that to be Spam.

I use both Microsoft Windows 7 and Linux on my desktops and laptops, in multi-boot configurations.

Now, I don't deny that I have been a bit angry at Microsoft from to time. For example, I've experienced issues with their so called Windows Genuine Advantage code that resulted in the OS telling me I was not running a Genuine version of Windows after a failed Service Pack update on my wife's Dell laptop running Vista (even though Windows was factory installed by Dell, and previous Service Pack updates installed without any issues).

I've seen similar issues with an older Desktop running XP too.

As a result, after wasting far too much time on resolving the problems, I simply wiped the drives and eliminated Windows from them entirely.

I'm not the only user that's had those types of issues with Windows.. So, yea, I don't like the way Microsoft has "botched" those types of things in the past

But, despite those types of issues with Vista and earlier Windows releases, I think Window 7 is a pretty decent Operating System, even though I rarely use it (mostly just for testing Camera Manufacturer’s Software, since i help out with Camera Reviews from time to time for another review site).

Microsoft has done a very good job at focusing on security and usability with Windows 7, as opposed to earlier Operating Systems.

But, Windows 8 RT (and Windows 8 for x86 platforms for that matter) is a different story.

Microsoft Surface is just not competitive. It's overpriced compared to tablets running Android, and I stand by my comments about Office for Windows RT (which is what some posters seem to think makes Windows RT worth the price),.

Sorry, I disagree, as there are competing products for Android that work just fine for the vast majority of users, and you can find nice hardware for Android at a lower price point.

Windows 8 RT appears to be DOA if you look at reported trends for manufacturer production (with Microsoft cutting orders for tablets significantly according to some of the articles I've seen).

Samsung, HP and Toshiba have also "nixed"(or postponed until convinced otherwise) their plans to make tablets using Windows RT.

IOW, from what I can see on the surface (pun intended), Windows RT is DOA (hence why I started this thread for discussion about it).

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