A99 video: Are some of us plain crazy?

Started Jan 25, 2013 | Discussions thread
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You can be sure

Jezebel Masterson wrote:

either way I would just like to know for sure so I can make my mind up for good.

You can be sure. Between the GH2 and the a77, I've probably spent at least 140 hours shooting video (although probably 80-90% of that was setup, and 10-20% actual shooting). The difference in sharpness was not subtle.

I was shooting for low-resolution web use, so the a77 was usable. The major difference was that with the GH2, I did not have to worry about framing. I shot wide, and my editors would crop and clean it up for me. With the a77, if I didn't set the camera up to frame the shot exactly, the cropped video would be blurry to the point where it was not pleasant to watch even at the low resolutions we used.

This was not a question of lens. On the Sony, I mostly used a macro prime lens -- not Zeiss, but quite sharp. On the Panasonic, I mostly used primes as well, but the video came out fine (and croppable) even with low quality superzoom or kit lenses.

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