Windows 8 RT DOA?

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Re: Windows OS that won't attach to a domain - ridiculous

brn wrote:

You're correct that RT Pro does solve the problem, kind of.

If "kind of" = "completely" since you were talking about Domain Join as a deal-breaker.

Let's start by ignoring phones. With current devices, RT Pro requires what's effectively a laptop (with tablet-like functionality). If users would use such devices in lieu of a laptop, fine. Users aren't pushing me in that direction. They'd like a tablet (or smartphone) in addition to whatever else they use. Justifying a $1000+ tablet is not a battle I'm willing to take on, much less a phone.

Well, if you can get by with an IPad or Android that doesn't have Domain Join either and is far from laptop functionality ...

Even if the articles were correct, they don't match perception. MS has a tremendous opportunity to become dominate in the business tablet/phone market by leveraging their existing infrastructure and management capabilities. Failing to do so greatly diminishes their attractiveness to business. Instead, they choose to go head on with the established, and respected, players (Apple / Google) in the consumer market. That's a tough road.

Are you referring to the IPad and Nexus consumer tablet market?

RT obviously has its limitations but at least it's a computer, runs Office (for free) and has a long battery life. The Surface Pro blows away anything short of a MacBook Air, which isn't even a tablet and doesn't have a touchscreen.   The comments here are interesting:

I don't know what phones have to do with this, I'm interested in a real computer in an advanced tablet format  that costs maybe a few hundred more than a top-of-the-line IPad and offers so very much more.

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