Why are we all complaining???

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Re: Why are we all complaining???

Today's Wedding photographers take pictures during all kinds of lighting conditions and no longer confined to limited locations and sweet spot.

Yester-year wedding photographer shoot film like portra 160/400 on 110 roll films with 10 EV latitude. today's digital cam shoot with sensor like Provia, which is much less forgiven.

wildkat2, help me out here.  for some reason, i don't think you've shot wedding professionally during film days.  who were your lab processing your films?  did you pay tax making a living as a wedding photographer?  did you shoot with hassey with 110 film back?  their crank fail so frequent.


wildkat2 wrote:

Photographers took amazing sports pictures with manual focus cameras that maxed out a 5fps and 1/2000th of a second. If you cant get a sports photo with an AF camera that can go 7fps and 1/8000th of a second, its not the equipments fault.

Wedding photographers took amazing pictures with 1/75th flash sync. I you cant manage with 1/180th its not the equipments fault.

I think the comparison to broadband (vs dial up) is a false one. Broadband makes things like streaming video possible. But what makes photography possible is light and light has not changed. It is the very definition of constant. Or medium for capturing it - wet plate/film/sensor - has changed but not in the fundamental way that higher speed internet changed what we can do online.

There is a gap between the very best that Pentax produces and the very best that is available. But that gap is tiny in comparison to the gap between what was available just 10 years ago and now. We have made that gap an excuse for our own deficiencies as photographers.

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Cheers, Jon.

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