President Barack Obama violated the Constitution

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Re: I believe the Supreme Court will over rule this decision

Chato wrote:

William Carson wrote:

The issue which will ultimately go the Supreme Court (as stated in the article) is just a technicality as to whether the Senate was in session over the holiday since they had gaveled out. They reconvened a few time during that time to technically 'be in session.' No need to claim big violations of the constitution on this.


It may be that the Court is limiting this to technical issues. But there is a larger issue involved by both parties in recent years, misusing the Advise and Consent portion of the Constitution to paralyze the government.

For example, the Republicans want to destroy the EPA, and make no secret of that desire. So they refuse to vote on a new head for the EPA - Same for the specific case in question. Does one political party have the right to overturn the law by simply refusing to vote up or down on an appointment?

If they DO have this right, then they have the right to refuse to allow a President to appoint anyone to his cabinet, anyone to be a Judge, anyone to head the military, etc, etc.

They defacto claim the right to run the government without any other branch being involved.


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Add to that they won't let any one be appointed to head the ATF.  Then say we have plenty of laws on guns already, but with no head enforcement suffers.

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