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Re: Sony needs a 1" Interchangeable lens camera

thomasw333 wrote:

Sony makes so many sensors and sells sensors to Nikon, is the RX100 sensor the same as the Nikon 1 series sensor? I am sure some one knows this.

No, while they are the same size, the V1 sensor is made by Aptina.

I think Sony should make a m4/3 camera. They bought into Olympus, they already make there sensors, so make a Sony MEX line, with IBIS.

The NEX line could survive, Sony already makes APS-C sensors for there DSLT's, so the NEX line is fine.

Forget 1 inch mirror less interchangeable, with m4/3 being a proven system Sony could do well with a m4/3. And since Sony already makes tiny bodies for there NEX line and since the m4/3 lenses are so small Sony could have a tiny system on their hands.

But I am big on m4/3 so I am just wishing, I wish CanNikon would jump on m4/3 also.

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