A99 video: Are some of us plain crazy?

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Re: Not crazy at all, unless Sony upgraded video from the a77

Alphoid wrote:

I do most of my recordings with a battery of Panasonic GH2s. I don't have an a99, but I do have an a77, which I bought so I could use my personal lenses for recording at home. Both shoot videos which are fine for Youtube uncropped. With the a77, in 1080p, even if I do a gentle crop, it starts to look blurry. With the GH2, I can do a very substantial crop. The difference in sharpness is not minor. It's a somewhat confusing issue --it'd be hard to mess up sharpness at the sensor (I was using a nice prime to shoot). I do not know what they might be doing. Maybe Sony is shooting low-res and upsampling?

a77 is a very nice camera for home videos, but it is completely unsuitable for any sort of even semi-professional use. Other issues you'll run into:

  • No way to turn off AGC. Impossible to get good audio.
  • Many features -- like focus zoom -- stop working when you switch it to video mode. Manual focus is a royal pain in the butt.

I had about a half dozen similar issues when I decided to stop using it, but I no longer remember them all.

Yea this was my opinion as well. I was super impressed by the stills IQ on my a77, amazing. But when I started becoming interested in video, I started paying more attention to sharpness and overall IQ. This is when I noticed the issues, which did not seem to be solved with a FF. I wish I could see a side by side showing different, but either way I would just like to know for sure so I can make my mind up for good.

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