70-200f/4 IS L + 1.4tc or 70-300 f/4-5.6 IS L?

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Re: 70-200f/4 IS L + 1.4tc or 70-300 f/4-5.6 IS L?

happysnapper64 wrote:

Hey, Mike. No problem with your "highjackng" at all. It makes for a rounded discussion. As I only took up photography 15 months ago, I have not got a full understanding of what the different lenses can do. To put it another way, I have been overlooking the crop factor in particular of better lenses. I could be getting carried away with FL, & have bought the Sigma for this purpose. For the money it performs well with still subjects. I am looking into the crop factor, say the 300f/4 v my Sigma 120-400. Instead of going longer, maybe the 300f/4 will produce better images cropped, than the Sigma does at 400? I hope to give the Sigy a good outing in the next week or so, & will endevour to post my findings. As for sarcassm, a friend used to say, "It may be the lowest form of wit, but it is often the most effective!!"

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lee uk.
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Hahaha...love the comment.

With regard cropping, I tend to be of the mind that when ever you crop you are throwing away pixels around the space you are cropping. Unless you want to leave space for artistic reasons, I find that the best shots are the ones that fill the view finder. Although granted, better a cropped great shot than a close fuzzy shot but still. I guess finding the balance is the trick. Because of that I try to get the maximim reach whenever possible but I've been lucky, I currently have the 400 5.6, the 100-400, and the 70-300L and all are very sharp.

But like you said, since you have the siggy give it a good try and see how it performs. Also see what focal lengths you are using. Maybe you barely ever go to 400, maybe you are always at 400. If your camera (sorry forgot what you've got), has MFA then make sure your lens is dialed in properly first. Makes a huge difference on my 7D.

Oh..as for TC. I don't really use them too much so I'm not a good person to comment. I've got the kenko 1.4 pro 300 dgx only because it is the only one that works with the 70-300L. It isn't bad in a pinch but the AF gets flaky. To be honest if I need the reach I tend to grab my 100-400.

Cheers Mike

By the way...reading your signature reminded me of a story an old pilot once told me. He said that the prop at the fromt of the airplane was only there to keep the pilot cool in the heat. Don't believe me...just turn the engine off and watch him sweat

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