A99 video: Are some of us plain crazy?

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Re: A99 video: Are some of us plain crazy?

Draek wrote:

Jezebel Masterson wrote:

I should add that the thing that got me thinking about this today was a video posted in the sony forum. It is masterfully done in production, great everything on the user end. I just couldn't help but think the entire thing was soft. All the replies in the thread were praising the video, and nobody mentioned the softness, here is the VIDEO . Is it just me ?

Considering a great deal of that video is time-lapse, which is done by stitching together full-resolution stills into one video... yes, it is just you. Probably forgot to enable the HD option on Vimeo or something.

I'm fully aware of the timelapse, not hard to tell it apart from video. You know, it's the segments that move real fast I am talking about the video though, and it just does not look sharp. Are you saying that the video looks sharp to you? I would bet the shirt on my back that if we put a GH2 side by side there we would see a world of difference. If I am wrong, I would like to know as I would like an upgrade path from my a77, but I would also like a video upgrade for that $2800.

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