T. Hogan on D800 QC issue

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Re: T. Hogan on D800 QC issue

Thom and rgolub are correct. What has occurred over time is that many users with problems have given up or resigned themselves to using the D800 for its benefits and created work around for its faults. It simply is not a trustworthy camera. By example: if I were to go on an expensive trip to Africa or Antarctica and were limited two two camera bodies I would leave this $3000 camera home.The D800 has not earned trust. Nikon earned trust with their film cameras and their D3 series. Not so thereafter. They saw a benefit in offering a 36 mp camera in front of Canon and went for it. Now we live with the results. Some will enjoy its benefits on fixed subjects, fine tuning and fixed subjects others like me will not. As far as Nikon response is concerned one only needs to look at the Toyota history when problems have developed with their products. Basically ignore, deflect, quiet cycle and eventually a high percentage of the problem disappears. Of course, then someone dies and Toyota must answer to inquiry . Same approach with Nikon except cameras do not cause death hence the issue dissolves into history.

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