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kelpdiver wrote:

migibson99 wrote:

If you look at the 850+ reviews of the 2TB My Book on Amazon, they are mostly 4 and 5 star ratings **but** there are also ALOT of 1 star ratings. Hard to know what conclusion to draw from that, so I can only go by my own experience, which has been positive.

Hard drives for the most part, either work or don't work. So you get 1 stars for the failures (and people are much more likely to file a rating if they're upset), and 4/5s for those who are getting what they expect.

The history of the last 20 years shows that all brands have had bad models/production lines, so if you eliminated a brand each time you had a bad time, you'd run out of choices. It doesn't help that we're down to 3 (2 yet?) hd makers as WD and Seagate have been buying up every other brand.

Also, each new recording density presents new issues of manufacturing consistency. It took almost 30 years for perpendicular recording technology get out of the lab and into commercial products in 2005. Since then the capacity of 3.5 inch drives has gone up at a rapid pace. The higher the density on the platter the more that even slight imperfections interfere with reliability. Hence the learning curve.

That all reinforces my feeling that my good experience getting rapid and convenient replacement from WD has been almost as important than trying to figure which model from which manufacturer at what season of the year is the most reliable. Almost as important and easy to discover.

A few weeks ago I noticed by looking at displays of drives in a store that Seagate's drives recently (more recently than the store changed the information cards near the drives) changed many of their model's warranties from 3 years to 1 year. WD Caviar Blacks are still warranted for 5 years. I prefer their self-confidence to Seagate's.


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