DxOMark: Is the 75 1.8 the best m43 lens Available?

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Re: Sasdly for mFT. the sharpest lens, is NOT best lens

Anders W wrote:

MatsP wrote:

Interesting. If the measure is lines/picture height you should be able to compare directly cross-system. That's nice. These figures indicate that I never should buy me a Leica M for other reasons than brand magic.

They are roughly comparable for the reason you mention. If you want to be perfectly accurate, the figures for the Leica should be multiplied by 1.08 due the difference in aspect ratio (4:3 versus 3:2). On the other hand, the Leica is advantaged by its slightly higher pixel count and (more importantly) lack of AA filter, which may well mean that it cancels out.

Leica lenses are certainly good. But the Summilux is about ten times the money and the M9 more than five compared to what you have to pay for the 20/1.7 and the E-M5. So the performance-price ratio of Leica equipment is rather questionable.

Not to mention you won't be able to AF with one of these systems, won't be able to use a zoom if you so wish, and other operator interface quirks etc.

However, if you put these side by side and aks anyone not having any knowledge of cameras they'd easily tell you which one is more expensive. Just look at it and marvel...

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