Fine vs Super Fine revisited

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Re: Fine vs Super Fine revisited

shuttervelocity wrote:

thanks for the detailed explanation. It was very useful. Another thing is that fine produced 2.4 MB file while the super-fine produced a 4.2 MB file and upon pixel-peeping, a bar code on the candy bar had more contrast in the super-fine.

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The difference between a 4.2 MB image and a 2.4 MB image shouldn't convince you of much since the complexities of jpg compression are such that it compresses a lot before you can see much difference. As I answered above, if you are convinced by your own tests that Super Fine is superior then you should use that information in choosing between the two. My only point is that under one set of controlled conditions the differences were not detectable at 100%. As I said, there were differences visible at 400% between the two images but the "winner" was dependent on colors involved.


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