Fine vs Super Fine revisited

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Re: Fine vs Super Fine revisited

tkpatric wrote:

Thanks for the study!

With the G15, I experienced that superfine is a little better than fine. Here is an example:

On you to guess which is what!

To me your images look to have different contrast or lighting. The real point is that if you think you've been careful enough to control the conditions of the exposures and to be unbiased in your evaluation,  then you should act on your results. What I think is irrelevant. For the cameras I've tested the differences are very difficult to detect at 100%. With my SX50 I have only been as careful as I outlined with one pair of images. Other conditions and other image subjects may also affect the results.

Another thing one can do is to take a raw file, convert it to tiff file and then convert it in an application that uses something like the IJG quantization tables and save it as quality 93 and 97 and see if you can tell the difference. That of course does not account for the possibility that the camera might be doing different processing depending on which jpg quality it is using.

Thanks for your interest.


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